site is for families with children of all ages who are looking for information specialist pediatric quality and reliable. Initially I made ​​a blog in 2009, wordpress, which further work, though less frequently than before, and that I maintain and I renewed, though I was not always in the country during this period.

Along the way I realized that in Romania there are many moms who seek information on the internet to care for their children, and not content with the information we get from simple visit to a doctor., Though, many often come to look for sites where medical information is not very reliable, and where I get conflicting information that the more you put in difficulty and possibly make them question the information that they have already acquired the their doctor.

This is the purpose of this site to provide medical information verified and garantata.In all medical items that are displayed on your site you can find the original sources, the names of researchers and medical studies have proven the usefulness of drugs, some investigations.
You will find the site a special chapter for me verified websites grouped by categories of disease or illness, where you will find pure information pediatric specialist.

Trying to make a modern pediatrics in which certain habits, certain preconceptions to no longer take place, I try to explain more and better where your pediatrician did not have the time or willingness to do so, especially where access to pediatrician or doctor is very difficult.

The information that is provided on this web site cannot replace a physical examination at your doctor’s office, it is only a complementary information, that is why you should always consult your pediatrician if you worry about your child’s health .

As some of you know, my devotion to caring for children is, was and will be the main driver of my professional activity.

Dr Genoveva HIASTRU