My name is Genoveva Hiastru and i am a pediatrician, who studied at the Faculty of Medicine Iasi, where I obtained a degree in 2001. My pediatric residency I finished also in Iasi, in 2008 (so I lived in Iasi about 13 years) and the most beautiful memories of my family were also built during that time).

There were some difficult years, as any beginning … I worked in two state hospitals, the Emergency Hospital Chelsea, in the county of Bacau, and the Hospital Bolintin Vale, Giurgiu county, and private health system, or in one of the clinics Euroclinic network in northern Bucharest, which experience marked me in particular, in 2010, when I had the chance to do a training course and pediatric echocardiography at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.

Since 2012 I also known French medical system, where I work now, and where I had the opportunity to learn to use new protocols and treatment options in pediatric some different ones we learned in Romania, others to complement the science that we acquired in Romania.

My patients from Romania and from abroad are children of all ages and from all walks of life and my relationship with them and their families is a special relationship primarily because parents have given me confidence and care of their children in the second all, because they always try to deserve this trust. I believe that trust in the doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important aspects, perhaps the most beneficial for both doctor and patient.

The website which I launched today is a international addressability site written in 3 languages​​: Romanian, French and English, which can be useful for all those who care for, train and educate children. They can found in the site answers to many of their questions, and can ask questions of the pediatric platform through “Ask a question” with guaranteed response from me within 48 hours.

Dr Genoveva Hiastru

Last update of the site informations 25.11.2013.